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Carpet stretching, carpet repair and seam repair – Fredericksburg VA


carpet seam repair Fredericksburg Virginia
best carpet stretching and seam repair in Fredericksburg Virginia

If you’re looking for professional Carpet Stretching company at Fredericksburg VA contact us today 540-446-3989.

Carpet stretching done right should  be performed by a trained and experienced technician who will utilize best equipment: power stretcher, knee kicker, kool glide carpet seamer and more.

First step during carpet stretching appointment will be a visual inspection. We will determine the cause of your carpet ripples.  Common reason for carpet ripples is a failure to power stretch the carpet during installation. If your carpet wasn’t stretched with power stretcher during installation, there is a very likely chance that your carpet will eventually develop carpet ripples.

If you have any questions concerning our carpet stretching service or any other carpet repair issue, just call StamLine 540-446-3989.

Our services include:

Carpet Stretching or Restretching

Carpet Repair (burns, bleach, pet damage, snags, stains)

Carpet Cleaning

Hardwood Cleanning

Tile Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet Installation