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Emergency water extraction, water damage restoration| Fredericksburg VA

Water damage restoration, emergency water extraction and clean up in Fredericksburg VA. We making disaster Temporary and restoration Permanent.

In this home we were able to save carpet as well as padding. We used state of the art equipment (Rotovac CFX) that removes all water from pad and subfloor. After we finished carpet was only damp to touch. The cold caused pipes and water lines to freeze and break across the region. The first sign of a frozen pipe is reduced or no flow out of a plumbing fixture like your faucet or shower. A frozen pipe will not always crack or burst, so thawing it out slowly is your best bet. For emergency water extraction and water cleanup, water damage  services in Fredericksburg VA, Stafford VA, Spotsylvania VA and Locust Grove VA call SteamLine 540-446-3989.

carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg Stafford Virginia best price green cleaning

Top quality carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg VA

If you’re looking for top-quality, affordable carpet cleaning at your home in Fredericksburg VA, or most surrounding in Central Virginia, call SteamLine today 540- 446-3989.

SteamLine provides outstanding carpet cleaning and hardfloor cleaning services in Fredericksburg VA, Stafford VA, Locust Grove VA and Spotsylvania VA. We use best safe cleaning products and techniques. No one clean carpets deeper then SteamLine – guarantee.

best green carpet cleaning, kins and pet safe. Fredericksburg VA

carpet repair Fredericksburg VA carpet stretching seam repair burg repair

Carpet stretching, carpet repair and seam repair – Fredericksburg VA


carpet seam repair Fredericksburg Virginia
best carpet stretching and seam repair in Fredericksburg Virginia

If you’re looking for professional Carpet Stretching company at Fredericksburg VA contact us today 540-446-3989.

Carpet stretching done right should  be performed by a trained and experienced technician who will utilize best equipment: power stretcher, knee kicker, kool glide carpet seamer and more.

First step during carpet stretching appointment will be a visual inspection. We will determine the cause of your carpet ripples.  Common reason for carpet ripples is a failure to power stretch the carpet during installation. If your carpet wasn’t stretched with power stretcher during installation, there is a very likely chance that your carpet will eventually develop carpet ripples.

If you have any questions concerning our carpet stretching service or any other carpet repair issue, just call StamLine 540-446-3989.

Our services include:

Carpet Stretching or Restretching

Carpet Repair (burns, bleach, pet damage, snags, stains)

Carpet Cleaning

Hardwood Cleanning

Tile Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet Installation




carpet repair in Stafford VA carpet patching seam repair stretching

Recent carpet re-stretching and repair in Fredericksburg VA

Poor installation and high temperatures are the two most usual causes for ripples to develop in your carpet. Leaving the internal temperature of your house above 85 degrees may cause rippling of your carpet. These ripples can be unsightly as well as a big tripping hazard. SteamLine technicians can re-stretch your carpet back to its former look. When you’re ready to have those ripples flattened give us a call 540-446-3989

affordable carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg VA and Stafford VA best prices quality

Professional deep carpet cleaning in Stafford VA and Aquia VA

Are your carpets looking dull and dingy? Would you like have them cleaned, but don’t want to waste your day off wrestling with a carpet cleaning machine rental? Then call SteamLine for  professional carpet cleaning services. Our knowledgeable technicians can have your carpets looking as good as new in no time at all. Many people are surprised at how modest the price SteamLine offers.

Choosing the proper cleaning system is extremely important. At SteamLine our professional technicians carefully inspect the condition and fabric of the carpet before selecting the best methods. By using exclusive cleaning products, techniques and equipment we can assure you that you’ll receive the highest level of floor cleaning.

We typically recommend hot water extraction cleaning (deep steam cleaning method) as the most effective way to clean your carpets. However, for older and more delicate fibers or where extra agitation needed we may recommend a dry cleaning (encapsulation) process.

Our methods are powerful enough to remove nearly any kind of stain and eliminate nearly any odor.

Call SteamLine for professional carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and hardfloor cleaning today 540-446-3989

best tile and grout cleaning in Northern VA

Best Tile and Grout cleaning video| Fredericksburg VA

Professional tile cleaning is important to maintain your surface properly. Stone and tiles may be hard-wearing, but like any surface that is subjected to the wear and tear of everyday living it will eventually build up dirt and grime.

Our company offers the best tile and grout deep cleaning. Using our unique process we will deep scrubbing your tile and grout with our counter rotating brush machine (CRB). It will remove most of dirt from tile and grout and than we will deep steam clean your tile with our turbo spinner.
For best tile and grout cleaning in Fredericksburg VA, Stafford VA, Spotsylvania VA, Locust Grove VA call SteamLine 540-446-3989
Ask us about Grout Sealing Specials.

Sealing guarding against future staining by preventing contaminants from soaking in immediately. Sealing will also allow easier maintenance of the surface.

carpet repair in Stafford VA carpet patching seam repair stretching

Carpet stretching repair in Stafford VA

best carpet stretching and cleaning

SteamLine provides the best carpet re-stretching and carpet repair in Fredericksburg VA and Stafford VA area. Call us for free in-home estimate 540-446-3989.

When a carpet is installed generally it is stretched out and secured at with tacks in order for it to stay that way. Over a period of time, the carpet can come loose from moving heavy furniture, traffic, everyday usage, and other different activities. When the carpet comes even slightly loose, wrinkles will form, with time it will be only worse. In order to remove the wrinkles from your carpet, you must perform a carpet re-stretching procedure and your carpet will be back to looking as new in no time.

For carpet repair and re-stretching, we use most advanced equipment like Koolglide seam iron, Crain power stretcher to get your carpet as tight or tighter than when it was new, Roberts knee kicker and much more. If your carpet has holes, open seam or any other damages an expert carpet repair can be done for you.

carpet re-stretching repair in Stafford VA

carpet re-stretching repair in Stafford VA 22554

carpet re-stretching repair in Stafford VA 22556

carpet re-stretching repair in Stafford VA

carpet re-stretching repair in Stafford VA 22556

carpet re-stretching repair in Stafford VA 22556

carpet repair in Stafford VA carpet patching seam repair stretching

Pet damages carpet repair and patching in Spotsylvania VA

carpet repair using koolglideYou love your cats and dogs, but you don’t love the stains and damage they can leave behind on your carpets.  If you leave pets in a locked room they may try to dig their way out. When a pet try’s to claw their way out of a closed room, they damage floor and you will need a patch to repair it. If you have some extra carpet from the original installation we can use it for the carpet patch, if you don’t have some left over from the carpet installation, we can use a piece from a closet or under a piece of furniture.

carpet pet damage

This barber carpet was damaged by dog after been looked in room

we take peace of carpet from closet to patch carpet damage

We will take small peace of carpet from closet or under furniture to make repair

steamline will cut damaged carpet

We will cut damaged carpet and prepare it for new patch


We will match size of damaged carpet with new patch

we will match carpet size and installing it

We will install it new carpet patch with our professional Koolglide seam iron


We will clean area after repair.

For professional carpet repair, carper seaming, carpet re-stretching, floor cleaning and more call SteamLine today 540-446-3989

pet stains and odor removing urine cleaning Stafford VA

Pet stains removing using power of oxygen and waterclaw in Fredericksburg VA


Here is some pictures from our recent pet stains removing job. We use water claw method because urine contamination was pretty bad and padding was damage with cat urine. In most of cases we would be able to safe your carpet and padding damaged by pet urine and save you a lot of $.
For professional pet stains removal in Fredericksburg and Stafford VA call SteamLine today 540-446-3989.


carpet repair Fredericksburg VA carpet stretching seam repair burg repair

Carpet repair in Fredericksburg Virginia

Are you looking carpet repair company in Fredericksburg-Stafford area?

We received a call from a very nice lady couple days ago.  She was concerned that she would have to replace her carpet due to the damage her dog caused to carpet.  We were able to provide a telephone consultation and scheduled free repair estimate.

Our technician removed the damaged section of carpet and seamed in a permanent section into the existing carpet. It was come up really good.

For carpet repair and re-stretching in Fredericksburg VA and Stafford VA call SteamLine 540-446-3989