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Carpet repair in Fredericksburg Virginia

Are you looking carpet repair company in Fredericksburg-Stafford area?

We received a call from a very nice lady couple days ago.  She was concerned that she would have to replace her carpet due to the damage her dog caused to carpet.  We were able to provide a telephone consultation and scheduled free repair estimate.

Our technician removed the damaged section of carpet and seamed in a permanent section into the existing carpet. It was come up really good.

For carpet repair and re-stretching in Fredericksburg VA and Stafford VA call SteamLine 540-446-3989 



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Hardwood cleaning job in Stafford Virginia

Hardwood floors are a major investment ―and yet they take such a beating: We track dirt onto them, walk all over them  and still expect them to gleam at the end of the day. SteamLine provide hardwood cleaning and wood refinishing services.

If you looking for professional hardwood cleaning company or have questions about wood cleaning and preservation please give us call 540-446-3989

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SteamLine: Soap Scum Removal Cleaning Tips

Soap Scum Removal Cleaning Tips
Soap scum is a combination of minerals in the water, body oils combined with the bar soap many of us use.
Soap scum is the film left behind once we are finished showering or bathing. It’s a dirty gray film left in the bathtub or shower that builds up over time.
Getting rid of soap scum in the bathroom can be a real challenge if not tackled immediately. It really isn’t something to be ignored or it’s just going to get worse.
How to Remove Soap Scum
Usually with good maintenance soap scum will just wipe away, but sometimes time gets away from us and you can’t find the opportunity to clean. (I assume that’s why you are here, right?)
Soap scum becomes like concrete when it hasn’t been cleaned on a regular basis. It can find its way on walls, tubs, shower curtains, and under hair care containers leaving stains in its wake.
When this happens, it can almost become impossible to do the work necessary for upkeep.

For professional soap scum removing, tile cleaning and tile sealing call SteamLine 540-446-3989.

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SteamLine: Homemade Carpet Cleaning Video Recipe

You probably own one of the most powerful carpet cleaners available and don’t even it! Under the kitchen sink, do you have some dishwashing liquid, some ammonia and a bottle of vinegar? If so, you owe it to yourself to watch recipe for a seriously superior Homemade Carpet Cleaner, that you can make for pennies with items you already own!
For Professional Carpet and Hardfloor Cleaning call SteamLine 540-446-3989

best hardwood cleaning in Stafford VA affordable prices green cleaning

Hardwood cleaning and maintenance in Fredericksburg VA and Stafford VA

best hardwood deep cleaning, restoration and refinishing company in Fredericksburg and Stafford VA

Over time hardwood floors become dull and dirty. Everyday life takes a toll on hardwood flooring.

Hardwood floors are a beautiful choice for high traffic areas such as hallways, kitchens, and entry ways. Just like carpet hardwood floors need professional cleaning to restore their beauty. Hardwoods truly can last forever if they are properly maintained.

Our exclusive restoration process corrects abuses to your hardwood floors and protects them for years to come. Let us return your floors to their glory and make them last a lifetime.
Call SteamLine for professional floor cleaning and maintenance 540-446-3989

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SteamLine provide emergency water clean up and water extraction services in Fredericksburg-Stafford areas.

steamline provide best water extraction restoration in Fredericksburg and Stafford VA The coldest weather in nearly two decades is leaving a mess behind in Fredericksburg VA and Stafford VA houses and buildings.The cold caused pipes and water lines to freeze and break across the region. The first sign of a frozen pipe is reduced or no flow out of a plumbing fixture like your faucet or shower. A frozen pipe will not always crack or burst, so thawing it out slowly is your best bet.
Tips if one of your pipes is running slowly or not at all:
DO: turn off the “Main” water valve” to the house and leave the faucets “open”.
DON’T: Use any open flame to attempt to thaw the pipe.
DON’T: Use any electric heater or hair dryer directly to the pipe as any leaking water can cause an electrocution hazard.
DO: Let the heat of the house get to the pipe by opening cabinets or crawl space doors.
DON’T:  Call a plumber out to thaw out piping as it’s very expensive and time consuming.
DO: Have plenty of patience. Heat and patience are the best two ways to get the pipes to thaw.
To test whether the pipe has thawed, DO use two people.
One person should turn on the water main valve slowly and the other should be walking around the house to see if all the faucets are running and to make sure no water is leaking from any cracked pipes.
If you do spot a burst pipe, turn off the main water valve immediately. Shut all faucets and then open only the lowest hot and cold faucets in your home. That will drain the water from your home and the burst pipe wont spray water all over. Then, call a plumber.
If you do have a pipe that has burst, there’s some good news when it comes to insurance. You should be covered. Standard homeowners and renters policies do provide coverage for burst pipes. That means your policy should cover the repair of the pipe, the repair to any damaged walls and also some coverage for damaged furniture and rugs.
For emergency water extraction and water cleanup, water restoration services call SteamLine 540-446-3989


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Call SteamLine today for professional deep steam Carpet Cleaning service 540-446-3989

professional carpet cleaning service in Fredericksburg VA and Stafford VA area

Recent carpet cleaning job in Stafford VA.
Call today for professional carpet cleaning 540-446-3989

No one cleans floor DEEPER than SteamLine GUARANTEED!!!

We provide Comfort, Convenience, Confidence, and Quality Service.
At SteamLine , all of our employees are dedicated to providing you with honest, friendly service that you can trust.
We offer FREE IN-HOME ESTIMATE to all our customers and on any service.
Our customers come back year after year simply because of the sincere service we provide every day. We’re happy to serve Fredericksburg VA, Stafford VA, Spotsylvania VA, Locust Grove VA, Aquia VA, and we look forward to seeing you soon.
SteamLine will provide outstanding carpet cleaning service and will provide healthy environment for you and your family. Remember that dirty carpets and hardfloors can cause healthy and allergy problems and also can hurt value of your home. Made smart financial decision today call SteamLine today for you free estimate

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SteamLine professional Upholstery Cleaning Company in Fredericksburg VA and Stafford VA

best upholstery cleaning in Fredericksburg and Stafford VA

Think that your sofa is ruined for good? Ready to kick your loveseat to the curb? Before you do, give SteamLine a call because chances are, we can help to save your furniture. Our professional team of Upholstery Cleaners in Fredericksburg VA and Stafford VA can evaluate the problem quickly and save you a lot of money in the process.

It is true that much of today’s furniture has fallen into the “disposable” category, the truth is, you don’t need to waste our sofa, love seat, or our favorite recliner chair just because it has become stained and soiled. No matter what the fabric, SteamLine can give your Upholstered Furniture new life and luster with a deep steam and Eco-friendly cleaning.There’s a reason that we are coming to be known as the Best Upholstery Cleaners in Fredericksburg VA and Stafford VA area, so give us a call today to find out why. Call 540-446-3989 for your FREE Estimate or visit

We will never play the bait and switch game when it comes to quotes and we will always provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

      Upholstery Cleaning Services include:

  • Sofas cleaning, Loveseats cleaning, Armchairs cleaning, Recliners cleaning and more;
  • Upholstered Chairs cleaning, Ottomans cleaning;
  • Custom upholstered pieces cleaning;
  • Upholstered Fabric protection;
  • Upholstered fabric sanitizing or/and deodorizing
upholstery Cleaning in Stafford Virginia 22554 22556 affordable prices green cleaning fast drying

SteamLine is offer the best professional upholstery cleaning in Stafford VA and Fredericksburg VA

upholstery cleaning stafford fredericksburg va steamline

Our new Upholstery Cleaning System employs new technology that extracts 85% more water than traditional steam cleaning methods, leaving your upholstery cleaner and dryer with fewer allergens and no chemicals left behind.
For professional upholstery cleaning in Stafford VA and Fredericksburg VA area call SteamLine today 540-446-3989


emergency water damage restoration Stafford VA Fredericksburg, water cleanup flood damage

SteamLine provide emergency water extraction and clean up services.


Emergency water extraction and clean up. We making disaster Temporary and restoration Permanent. Call SteamLine for free estimate 540-446-3989  for more information.
Serving Fredericksburg VA, Stafford VA, Spotsylvania VA, Locust Grove VA, Aquia VA.